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Goodbye bad guys

I carry a small bottle of Stupid Hot Sauce in my pocket everywhere I go. Anytime some bad guy or mugger wants a lesson in stupidity I simple rub the sauce on my hands and fists. Usually just one punch or slap does the trick. Lesson learned A-hole! Witnesses usually stand around scratching their heads as to why the bad guy went down screaming so fast. Great thing about this stuff is it is legal to carry anywhere even onto airplanes provided bottle small enough. Ladies, this is the best anti-rape device you can carry.

Posted by Carl from the UK



This is one of the best sauces I've ever had, if not THE best! A lot of the hotter sauces out there tend to taste the same and I've noticed that the hotter you get, you tend to have to sacrifice flavor. Not with this stuff. This sauce could probably strip the paint off a truck but still has AMAZING flavor! I can't express just how much I really do love this sauce! There are three things I worry about running out of... gas, my e-cig juice and my stupid sauce!

Posted by Frank from Albuquerque, New Mexico


I was stupid xD

I'm 13 years old and a girl and I tried the stupid hot sauce at a spicy foods festival. I got some on my lips (stupid xD) and I drank two bottles of water right after! Hotter than the ghost pepper BBQ sauce!!!

Posted by Simone from New Mexico


Zest Fest, Irving Texas

My family loves the burn but we expect some flavor, too. At Zest Fest, I finally found the sauce that had a great flavor right before the pain hit. I bought a bottle for my son, who prides himself in being able to handle most hot sauces. When I got home, he quickly put a few drops on a cracker. "mmmm" and on another cracker... Then the eyes widened and he made a dash for the freezer where ice cream came to the rescue. After a few eye-watering moments and a pint of ice cream, he gave the verdict...

Awesome! Then, when I went to put the lid back on, it slipped from my hands and shattered on the floor. This time, my tears were from the loss of a stupid hot sauce.

Editor's note:
Hey Sarah, we loved your story. So sorry for your loss. Shoot us an email at info [at] and we'll hook you up with a replacement!

Posted by Sarah from Lewis, Texas


Full Taste & Heat Review by

Stupid Hot, Hot Sauce.

DOHH! Stupid is as stupid does.

After doing some research on this sauce through the great powers of the world wide web I have to state that this is no sauce to be reckoned with. The review list is endless and 9 out of 10 people felt body hurting results. I would consider myself a veteran on hot sauces but for some strange and unsettling reason I’m nervous.

The bottle states some very funny paragraphs for example the warning label says and I quote “WARNING. MISUSE OR ABUSE OF THIS PRODUCT WILL CAUSE A LOSS OF COMMON SENSE. GUARENTEED TO MAKE YOU SMARTER AFTER HAVING SOME.” I wonder if my IQ will make a small leap in the right direction after sampling this sauce.

Taste – well so start this section of the review off I’m going to comment on the texture and the colour as it’s not like any other hot sauce in this range I have ever come across before. Imagine a Tabasco sauce but slightly thicker. It’s a very loose sauce that seems alien to me. It pours fast and before you know it its everywhere! The colour is blood red and seems very demonic. I’ve stood this next to my other selection of hot sauces and this from a colour perspective seems evil. Mix both of these sections together and what you get is the devils blood itself. Now on to the taste itself. You get an overwhelming kick of garlic with a subtle taste of the Habanero chilli. Before you know it all flavour that you have just tasted has gone. When the heat leaves your mouth you’re left with an incredible blend of flavours. I cannot put my finger on what I’m tasting but if you can I would highly suggest riding the heat out and not ruining this experience with milk etc.

Heat – Now this is what you have all been waiting for and it is a real shit storm of a sandwich. Once entered in my mouth I swirled it around and made sure all corners had a coating then swallowed. Within 20 seconds my eyes had started to water and my mouth was on fire. My face was burning up and my tongue was dead to the world. How can something this insanely hot have passed me. 2 Minutes in and now my chest feels like molten lava. Now I’m feeling stupid not only for trying it but for underestimating it. 5 minutes in and now I’m struggling to breath, this is a real rush of adrenaline and a real life or death situation (well it does feel like this at the time) 10 minutes in and the heat has started to leave thank god for that. Now all I’m left with is impeccable flavours and a real love for life.

Overall – This seems to be a major part of any chilli heads story. People with huge love for spices and hot sauces need to have said they have had this sauce as I feel it’s a rite of passage. For once you get what it says on the bottle, something stupid hot that will blow your socks off and leave you wanting more. I’m certainly feeling smarter with a new fresh look on life. Take the chance on this sauce. You will not regret it! You can buy this sauce through the Great American Spice Company. They have a huge range and if you cannot find a sauce there you like you’re not looking hard enough.

Taste – 3

Heat - 5

Perish in Heat !!!

Posted by Samual Gallagher from Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom



I was at a firery foods fair and saw the Stupid Hot booth, and decided to try it out. The booth operator gives me a little spoon wiht the sauce on it and i took it right away. Nothing at first but 30 to 45 seconds in, my tounge and throat were stupidly HOT. My hands started to numb a litlle along with a tingling sensation. I was not expecting this to be that hot but it definetly was.

I earned myself a "Yep I was stupid sticker", and bragging rights about my experience with "STUPID HOT, HOT SAUCE".

Posted by Eric Mondragon from New Mexico


Stupid never tasted so good

A friend suggested this hot sauce to me, and being the idiot that I am I trusted him. Added a couple splurts to my bowl of chili and took a bite. My first reaction was "delicious!" the flavor was wonderful and complemented my chili perfectly. This feeling was shortly followed by disappoint at the lack of heat. However, my disappointment was soon replaced by the scorching heat of a 100 suns! As the heat built up I began to feel light-headed and giddy in spite of the pain! About 10 minutes later I returned to a normal state of mind and went right back for another bite!

Definitely one of the hottest sauces I've ever tasted (and delicious too)!

Thanks for the pain!

Posted by Jaclyn from New Mexico


Pizza Roulette - Stupid Style

Yes, we did the Pizza Roulette challenge, using Stupid Hot. $10 Buy-in. 8 slices, 4 people, Double Cheese pizza and one dollop of Stupid Hot. We went to our local pizza joint and explained the game, and handed over the Stupid Hot. The Chef had a hearty laugh and smiled an evil grin. when it was done, the chef handed over the pie and wished us Good Luck, again with an evil grin.

We drew numbers for who would grab the first slice, and the game had begun. Unfortunately there was no build-up of tension in the room, as the first bite he took, hit the Stupid Hot, and he uttered "[redacted]", at a rather large volume. The sweating began almost immediately. The swearing continued. The Winner (Loser?) man'd up and continued eating. The rest of us dug in for a slice.

Shortly thereafter another coworker coughed and sputtered "[redacted]" from the other side of the room. Apparently the chef had managed to slice the dollop of Stupid Hot into two slices. Collateral damage had occured. More sweating and swearing ensued. Now from two participants. The pain eased after the first 10 minutes, and the pleasent burn continued for another 20 minutes. We all enjoyed the event, and are definitely in to do it again.

Posted by Alex from Hanover, MA



I made the mistake of tasting this on an empty stomach. About 10 minutes later it felt like a hot fireplace poker was piercing my stomach and someone was crushing my spinal cord. Decided to take an early lunch break to smother the hot sauce in a blanket of food.

Posted by Chris from Fort Wayne, Indiana


Worst Experience You Will Ever Love

Went to a Fiery Food Show and came across a booth with what is affectionally known as the stupid hot sauce. Having been a person that has the highest tolerance of anyone I've ever met, I had to try this. Took about 2 or 3 drops and downed it. The taste was nice but I felt no heat. After about 20 seconds I felt a bit of heat but nothing near what I was told to expect. It slowly built in my throat and mouth for a minute and that is when it hit me. I could barely swallow without the sensation of painful heat. My eyes were watering and refused to stop and my heart was pounding in my chest. After about 10 minutes the heat in my mouth and throat subsided. The pounding in my chest and sweating continued for the next 10 minutes.

All in all it was rediculous how bad it hit me and took me about 20 minutes in total to recover. After having never tasted anything too hot for me I have come across this and took it to a whole other level. Tastes great and in very small doses is great in chil, salsa, and marinades. After the experience I had to buy a bottle to share the experience with my friends.

Posted by Amp


Simply the hottest, baddest and best hot sauce I have ever tasted

I crack the seal, grab a handy silver (yes, sterling ... I only use the best for this kind of adventure) and carefully drop two (2) drops into the bowl, followed by a slight wipe-off of the bottle on the edge of the spoon (I think this is 2 & 1/2 drops ... ), and then simply stick the whole thing in my mouth ...

The following few moments are a bit hard to describe ... I will try to capture them as I remember them (and believe me, they are MEMORABLE!!!!). The first sensation is that I can't move ... then, I feel like I have put a blowtorch straight down my throat (what was Deep Throat about, anyway ... ), and then I have the sensation that I have run, nose first, into a concrete wall, at something exceeding 25 MPH, with no headgear, and no time to turn sideways.

After that, 20-30 minutes pass where varying degrees of the same sensations go through my head, alternating with a seriously basic instinct to simply breathe. It was the most serious capsicum rush I've ever experienced, along with the most seriously confused emotional reaction regarding whether continuing to or to simply give up and die was the better choice.

In conclusion, you've outdone yourself - this is simply the hottest, baddest and best hot sauce I have ever tasted. Most people will not be able to tolerate even a drop, but, for those incredibly sick individuals who have completely succumbed to capsicum addiction, this is a very rare treat. My congratulations.

Posted by Steve D. from Indiana


Red and hot...

This sauce is good on almost everything, it has a nice flavour too. 30 drops will tickle a little in the ears. Yes it's hot. It's bad. Now my bottle is empty. That's too bad. Thank you for a good sauce.

Posted by Frank R. from Denmark